Tus palabras son hermosas

Tus palabras son hermosas
Tus palabras son hermosas
Tus palabras son hermosas ¿Dónde están tus palabras Sufro sin tus palabras
Sufro sin tus palabras
Sufro sin tus palabras Es cierto
Es cierto
Es cierto By Fernando Shahpouri
For Nikki Remmel

Just a little bit of heaven at the "Blue Ribbon Sushi Bar & Grill"

I had made reservations at the Blue Ribbon for four on Christmas Eve, not really knowing what to expect, but I was out of options as everything else in the area had been booked up. I love sushi, believe me, I really do, but it's not normally the first thing that comes to mind during the holidays. 
We showed up early, the night was cold yet very beautiful from all the holiday cheer and Christmas lights. After viewing the most charming Christmas tree at the Grove in LA, we headed for our reservations at the Blue Ribbon. Which is tucked away right up next to the movie theater, and we were pleased by the warm greeting we got from the host when we entered. 
They seated us at a table right in the middle of the restaurant, the waiter was fast, pleasing, and illuminated herself with an enjoyable smile.  She was kind enough to explain the menu to me, explain where the fish was from and gave me her personal recommendations. 
I ordered all sorts of sushi, the live clam is a must try, and I was …

Dinner, business, and sports at the Ariyoshi Sushi Cafe Izakaya

I went to Ariyoshi Sushi for a business meeting with a friend. It's a nice place with good sushi for good prices. They have both a bar and tables to choose from for your dining experience. Best of all is the happy hour menu!!!

One luxury is it actually has nice parking around the back of the restaurant, a huge plus in Los Angeles, and it's a quick walk around to the front of the restaurant. They have some outdoor seating that you walk by as you enter, and it's just this small little spot that one could easily overlook. The staff welcomes you with hellos as you enter, which I always like, and they let you choose where you would like to sit.
So delightful of knowing that we did not have to wait to be seated. We sat of course at the bar and reviewed the menus. Right away I was pleased to see they had a wide screen T.V. with a Clippers basketball game on. The lighting was dim, but it gave a feeling of enjoyment.
Right away I saw that the service was kind of slow, they gave the sm…

Addiction And The Path To Freedom

Addiction is something that all humans deal with in one way or another. It destroys many people from all walks of life, ending careers, demolishing families, and even taking life away on a daily basis. But how do we deal with such a force in a world that is built to serve and feed off the natural human impulse of addiction?
Taking a deeper look one can see that the human body is basically a protein-making machine that sends chemical signals back and forth. To some degree we are all addicts, oxygen is a perfect example, and we can't live very long without it. The foods we eat, bad habits like biting nails, and even texting are all addictions. Every time you get a message on Facebook a little bit of dopamine is sent to the brain, every time you eat that dessert you should skip a little dopamine is sent to the brain, and every time you smoke that cigarette it's a little bit of dopamine being sent to your brain.  Everything sends a chemical signal to the brain, getting touched, smel…